Building a Bridesmaid Proposal Box


March 4, 2019

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Quick update: life has been crazy! Planning a wedding is no joke. Today, I’m sharing something wedding related – how I proposed to my bridesmaids! Asking my bridesmaids was something I had been looking forward to long before I was even engaged. What’s a wedding without having your girls by your side? I wanted to make sure I spoiled my girls and got them gifts that they would actually like and use. So, here is what I put together for my girls and my tips on building a bridesmaid proposal box.

my bridesmaids proposal box

First comes the box itself. I wanted something personalized that would be useful and decorative, so I went with this customizable glass jewelry box from Etsy. They turned out so beautiful and chic. If you’re looking for a paper box, this luxury one comes in many colors and has an elegant bow. It would look so beautiful with personalized names on it too. If you’re gifting bigger items, think outside the box and use a customized tote like this one. If money is not an issue, this Kayu Mini Tote would be so adorable and useful when the bachelorette trip comes around. On a budget? Check out these hand lettered gift bags or get your girls these cute balloons.

inside the bridesmaid proposal box

Once you have decided on a bag or box, you can start filling it up! The hard part is trying to buy something that all your girls will like. Trust me, trying to get your girls different gifts will be too stressful and time consuming. You also want to keep things fair and not show favoritism. If you want to personalize each girl’s gifts, get them different cards that represents your relationship. I got all my girls different cards, including this scratch off card and this one. You could also buy the same item but in different colors or flavors, which I did for my bridesmaids with the Glossier Balm Dotcom. Then I added in some sweets with Sugarfina Rosé Chocolate Bars and Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Pen Sprays for each lady. Adding some flowers are always a plus!

bridesmaids gift ideas

Here are some other great bridesmaids gift ideas. I made sure to add a range of prices and sizes to fit whatever you choose.

general tips

• If you can gather all your girls at the same time, turn it into a little bridesmaids brunch!

• Even if you can’t gather all your girls for a little party, try to ask your bridesmaids in person. It’s such a sweet moment between the two of you and seeing their reaction is the best.

• Shop for your bridesmaids’ gifts during sales. It all adds up, especially if you have a large bridal party.

• If you’re busy and don’t have time to create a box from scratch, shop from Boxfox. They’ve got a ton of great options and if you can’t ask your bridesmaids in person, these boxes can be shipped right to them.

• Even if you have the means, don’t overfill your box now. Save some ideas for later.

Etsy is your best friend! I got all my bridesmaids’ cards from there.

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