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Brand Spotlight

April 18, 2021

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About MATE The Label – Dress Clean™

MATE The Label is a clean and sustainable clothing brand made here in Los Angeles. The female founded company offers a wide selection of clean essentials made from natural, sustainable fabrics and non-toxic materials. Their signature GOTS certified organic cotton is cleaner and uses less water than traditionally grown cotton. The other fabrics they use, such as tencel and linen, also follow suit in being cleaner and more eco-friendly than fabrics commonly used by fast fashion brands. MATE’s sustainability efforts don’t stop at their clothes. Their shipping materials are made of 100% recycled materials, and they manufacture locally to reduce their carbon footprint. Because the company believes in circularity, they are working on a recycling program to take old MATE pieces and recycle them into new product. Not only is MATE reducing their environmental impact with carbon and water savings, they are making garments that are safer for workers and consumers.

How I Heard About MATE The Label

I first heard about MATE The Label years ago when I had no knowledge of sustainable fashion. Throughout the years, MATE became one of those sites where I added to my cart but never checked out. Fast forward to 2020, the year of loungewear and also the year I decided to create a more sustainable closet. It just made sense to start investing in clean essentials instead. Sustainable clothing companies, including MATE The Label, are widely correlated with high prices. When I shared about MATE on my Instagram Stories, there was one common question: “Is MATE The Label worth it?” Today, I’m answering that question and sharing my favorite pieces from the brand.

My Favorite MATE The Label Pieces

Terry Crop Hoodie – $98

This 100% organic cotton crop hoodie is the perfect sweater for spring and summer. The sweater has raw edge details and is perfectly cropped. The arms are long, but I usually roll them up anyway. I wanted a looser fit so I went for a size M. I have this crop hoodie in the color Bone and it goes well with anything high waisted.


Vintage Tee – $52

MATE’s 100% organic cotton tees are the softest shirts I’ve ever owned. Compared to their classic tee, the vintage tee has a more relaxed fit, wider sleeves, and a raw edge hem. My regular size S fits perfectly. The vintage tee comes in 4 colors. I have it in the color Bone, which is slightly sheer. In my opinion, this tee is a steal for $52.


Terry Classic Jogger – $128

These classic 100% organic cotton joggers are my favorite sweatpants. They are a great option for California weather as they are breathable while providing just enough warmth. I have these in a size M, but a size S would probably fit fine since these joggers stretch with some wear. These joggers come in 14 different colors and can be paired with the Organic Terry Raglan Sweatshirt, Organic Terry Raglan Hoodie, or Organic Terry Zip Hoodie.


Classic Tee – $64

MATE’s 100% organic cotton tees are a no brainer for me. They are classic, so soft, and can be worn with anything. I got this tee in a size M for a looser fit and the versatile color Bone, which is slightly sheer. Although I love living in this tee, a size M is not flattering on me in photos unless I have it tied in the front. MATE’s classic tee comes in 14 different colors, so I am looking forward to getting this tee in another color and see if the size S will be a better fit.


Thermal Jogger – $128

These 100% organic cotton thermal joggers are by far MATE’s softest pants. They are the perfect medium between thin and thick, making them a great choice for fall and winter. The length of these thermal joggers is flattering on us shorter gals. I got these in a size M for a more relaxed fit. A size M fits well on me, so I’d say these thermal joggers run smaller than MATE’s other bottoms. Like MATE’s other bottoms, these stretch with some wear. These joggers come in 9 different colors, Latte being my personal favorite.


Thermal Wide Leg Pant – $138

These 100% organic cotton thermal pants were my first purchase from MATE and the reason why I fell in love with the brand. They are comfortable, breathable, and easy to wear in the warmer months. They feel like sweatpants but look better. As a petite gal, I appreciate the cropped wide legs. These pants in the color Latte are my go to work from home pants. A size S is the perfect fit on me. Like other MATE bottoms, these stretch out after some wear. These thermal pants are available in 9 different colors.


Stretch Legging – $68

MOVE by MATE is the brand’s newest launch, and I am obsessed. These leggings are composed of 92% organic cotton and 8% spandex. The leggings are fairly priced and are so soft and comfortable. I don’t do any heavy workouts and I personally don’t sweat that much, so I can’t say how they hold up during intense exercise. I love these leggings for going on walks, light work outs, running errands, or lounging at home. These leggings are perfectly stretchy and the size S fits me like a glove. The leggings keep their shape and don’t sag like the other bottoms do. I ordered these in the colors Rose and Bone. I returned the Bone color since they were see through. Be aware that panty lines are visible no matter the color. Besides that, I love these leggings and will be back for the other colors when they come back in stock. I’m also looking forward to ordering the Biker Shorts for the hotter months.


Stretch Sports Bra – $38

I’m a big fan of MATE’s sports bra. Like the leggings, they are soft, comfortable, and very fairly priced. I usually find sports bra tight and uncomfortable, so I got these in a size M. They give me room to breathe while being really supportive of my B cups. I really like the fit of this sports bra and am looking forward to purchasing it in other colors.


What I Returned

Fleece Front Seam Jogger – $128

I had high hopes for these 50% organic cotton, 50% cotton fleece joggers. I got them in a size S during the winter in hopes of upgrading my work from home sweatpants. I really wanted to love these, but they did not work on my 5’3″ frame. They were super tight at the waist and thighs and super long at the bottom. I would not recommend these to anyone under 5’5″.


Terry Raglan Sweatshirt – $108

This 100% organic cotton sweatshirt in a size M did not work for me. First off, the material is thin and felt more like a long sleeve than sweatshirt. Secondly, this sweatshirt had an unflattering boxy fit on me. To me, this sweatshirt was very boring and not worth $100+. I much prefer the Organic Terry Crop Hoodie, which costs less too.


Is MATE The Label Worth It?

Knowing that my MATE garments are made with the environment in mind and that they are free from harsh chemicals is what has made me a loyal supporter of the company. In my opinion, MATE The Label is absolutely worth the price. It just comes down to finding the pieces that are worth it to you. I will continue supporting this brand and am looking forward to seeing them continue on their path of sustainability.

If you’re stuck on the price, a good way to look at it is by breaking down cost per wear. I purchased the Organic Thermal Wide Leg Pants for less than $130 with a coupon code. Since then, I’ve worn them more than 30 times, which means these pants cost $4.33 per wear so far. Once I’ve worn these pants 60 times, the cost per wear will be $2.16. Something else to keep in mind is that higher prices mean that the employees making the garments are getting paid a fair wage and have a better working environment.

In Conclusion

What I Love About Mate

  • MATE The Label is clean, sustainable, and ethical. They strive to be better and do better.
  • The clothes are made with quality in mind.
  • The styles are timeless so you can wear them for years to come.
  • The styles come in a variety of colors.
  • MATE offers extended sizes 1X-3X.
  • Fabrics are sourced internationally, but the garments are made locally.

  • Shipping is fast. I always get my orders within a few days.
  • MATE provides friendly customer service.
  • As long as you follow MATE’s washing and drying instructions, the clothes don’t shrink.

What I Don’t Love

  • Sizing for different pieces can be confusing, so ordering is like trial and error.
  • Pants lose shape and sag after some wear.

Next time you’re looking for something comfortable to live in, check out MATE and dress clean.

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