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March 27, 2021

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My collection of at home beauty tools has grown exponentially since quarantine started over a year ago. As someone who depended on regular facials to maintain healthy skin, I found myself from time to time needing more than my skincare products could deliver. Throughout the past year, I’ve tried a handful of tools from easy, affordable tools to technologically advanced tools that reach deeper into the skin’s layers. Today, I’m sharing a review of all my at home beauty tools that provide similar benefits as a visit to my esthetician.

💸 = Requires repurchasing of a complementary product⏱️ = Estimated time including prep and clean up
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The Pro Facial Steamer from Dr. Dennis Gross is my most used and loved beauty tool. It delivers micro-steam technology to hydrate, purify, and prep skin. I use this steamer 1-2 times a week as part of my facial routine. Using a steamer as the first step of my routine opens up my pores, which softens my stubborn blackheads for extraction and makes my skin more receptive to ingredients from the masks and serums I follow up with. This is a must have for anyone who wants to elevate their at home spa night.



The NuFACE Mini is an at home microcurrent device that helps contour, tone, and improve fine lines. The microcurrent technology stimulates facial muscles and helps produce collagen and elastin. Basically, it’s a workout for your face that results in a more sculpted appearance. In addition to the device, you’ll need NuFace’s Gel Primer to help with conductivity. Although I’ve never used my NuFace to its maximum potential, I do love the subtle lifting it gives me. To see best results, you need to use the NuFace 3-4 nights per week. If you are interested in other attachments, such as the eye and lip attachment, you will need the regular size Nuface.

💸 ⏱️ 20-30 MINUTES


The Dermaflash is a dermaplaning exfoliation device that removes dead skin cells and hair. After a treatment, my skin is so smooth and youthful looking. However, my sensitive skin does get red and feels raw for the first few hours post treatment. I always follow up with gentle and calming ingredients to protect and hydrate my skin. I’ve used this tool several times and have not experienced thicker hair growth. One downside to the Dermaflash is that you need to repurchase one time use exfoliating edges. The suggested use for this device is every week, but I only use it once a month or on special occasions.

💸⏱️ 20 MINUTES


The Dermapore is a double sided pore extractor and serum infuser tool. This is the tool I use to unclog my problematic pores. Goodbye, blackheads! I use this primarily on my nose and occasionally on my cheeks and chin. There is some caution needed to use the Dermapore. I always steam my face beforehand, and I work gently to prevent scarring or making blemishes worse. Afterwards, I heal and hydrate my skin. Currently, I apply Hero Cosmetics’ Rescue Balm on any area I treat. You can use the pore extractor up to 3 times a week, but I only use it when necessary about once a month. If you suffer from clogged pores, this could be a game changing tool for you.

💸⏱️ 20 MINUTES


Skin Gym’s Face Sculptor mimics the effect of a professional massage to firm and tone the skin. The results are similar to that of the NuFace, but not as apparent without the microcurrents. I use this tool more often than my NuFace since it’s easy and quick to use. It’s nice and soothing when used with a facial oil. I use this a few times a week after my nighttime routine. Out of all my beauty tools, this is the the easiest and most foolproof tool as it does not require any additional prep.

⏱️ 5-10 MINUTES


The GloPro Microneedling Tool is said to help create firmer, smoother skin while amplifying skincare absorption. Microneedling involves pricking the skin with small needles to encourage production of new skin tissue. It sounds more painful than it is. Before microneedling, you’ll need to use Prep Pads. You also need to replace the MicroTip attachment every 3 months. This tool is pretty easy to use and only requires 60 seconds in each area of treatment. My sensitive skin gets flushed afterwards, so I always follow up with calming and hydrating products. I can’t attest to improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, but the GloPro does make my skin feel plump afterwards. I will continue using this tool to see if it lightens my dark spots or improves my pore size. The GloPro can be used nightly, but I use it once every few weeks.

💸⏱️ 10-15 MINUTES


Skin Gym’s Ice Therapy Device has been an essential tool in cooling and calming my sensitive skin. I use this ice roller as needed and in the mornings when I feel puffy. I keep it in my beauty fridge so it’s always ready to go. This stainless steel ice roller does the job, but I wouldn’t recommend this one. Given the quality of this roller compared to the price of other ice rollers on the market, this one is overpriced at $30. I’m thinking of getting this $15 ice roller with over 10,000 reviews. It has a gel inside the roller that freezes, so I’m hoping the cold will last longer.

⏱️ 5-10 MINUTES

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