Easy Neutral Fall Decorations


September 24, 2020

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Threshold Mirror • Threshold Pumpkin (left) • Threshold Pumpkin (right) • Diptyque Candle

Autumn is officially here, and I am so ready to embrace the warmth and coziness of my favorite season. But sweater weather has proven difficult with the 80°+ weather we’re still experiencing in Los Angeles, so I’ve been channeling all the fall vibes through our home. I’ve made a few subtle changes with the help of some easy neutral fall decorations. These seasonal items complement the aesthetic of our home while still giving us that warm fall feeling.



In my opinion, adding pumpkins is the easiest way to incorporate seasonal changes. This year, I chose neutral colored pumpkins to maintain a chic aesthetic. I love the different types of textures I’m seeing this fall, like this raffia pumpkin and this wooden pumpkin. A lot of the pumpkins I linked are sold out online, but check in stores or check back online for re-stocks.


Dried florals are gorgeous and low maintenance. They are great all year round for those reasons, but especially during fall with their muted colors and dry texture. I’ll be adding different textures and darker hues from this bouquet to accompany my cream colored lagurus and ruscus leaves.


Swapping out candles is another easy way to transition into a new season. Scents are so powerful in evoking memories and emotions. I’ve replaced my go to summer candle with diptyque’s Ambre. I’m personally not a fan of the pumpkin scent, so Ambre’s warm scent is perfect for our home. The scent takes me back to two fall seasons ago when Tim and I wandered into an old perfume store in Italy.


Anyone else have a blanket obsession? I got this cream and brown blanket since fall isn’t all that cold in Southern California. To me, there’s no such thing as too many blankets so I’m also eyeing this one or this one. I’m going for a shade darker in neutrals to create a cozy autumnal vibe.

Do you decorate for fall? Let me know how! Thank you, as always, for taking the time to visit and read my blog. Check this post out to see how I’m transitioning my favorite summer items into fall.

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